Sunday, April 3, 2011

Throw some glitter in the air . . .

I confess, I'm a glitter whore AKA Glitta Ho. At any nail polish display, my eyes immediately find the glitters. Originally I thought glitters looked too little girlish. Now, I'm mesmerized by them. -and they hide a multitude of sins. Here is my collection of glitter topcoats. I have several polishes with lots of glitter in them but I decided to exclude those.
From the top left: Icing, Bon Bon (from Walmart), Sally girl x 2, Finger Paints Hue Left a Message?
From the bottom left: Cover Girl Disco Dazzle, Cover Girl Ruby Dust, Nabi Jumbo Gold Glitter, $OPI Only Gold For Me

Claire's Glitter top coat

I think this Claire's glitter top coat may be fun for frankening if I get up the nerve to try that some day. I really like the holo glitter but there is too much of it - goes on too thickly. It might be fun for a funky french.

Unfortunately, none of my pics came out that great, so I'm not posting them. I tried all these glitters over black nail polish as well as white polish, and I can say the black base coat looks the best to me. I REALLY like the irridescent mini Sally Girl over black - looks like an opal. The only one that looked better over white was Finger Paints Hue Left A Message?

Now, I'm going to take this stuff off and do a proper mani, maybe with one of my new Zoya's. Hopefully I'll get that up tonight.

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    This nail polish is beautiful!