Friday, April 29, 2011

Awesome Walgreens Sale

I was so excited to hear about this Walgreens sale. All Sinful Colors are 99 cents. The sale ends April 30th, so get out there and get-um! I scooped-up seven and a little bit of Easter candy on clearance. Oooohhhh . . . peanut butter eggs! So apparently, I like greens, blues and purples. There were some awesome glitter top coats, especially "Nail Junkie". (See below). I call these "top coats" because they are way to sheer to where alone, but add SO Much to another base color. I think it's funny when I read the reviews on Makeup Alley about these glitters: people judge them on there own as a stand-alone color, but I never wear these alone. It's amazing what they can do for other, basic base colors. Yes, they are gloppy, but that is what keeps all the glitter in suspension! People! Ahem. I'm ok now. I just love my glitters! The outlier is the pale pink, I thought that looked close to my OPI Sweetheart, which I use a lot.
I suppose I should get up and get the names, but I'm too lazy! The first is Black on Black,
then a chartreuse green glitter, darker green jelly, Nail Junkie (love), a black jelly with blue microglitter,
a purple jelly with pink microglitter, and the pale pink.

$OPI metallic teal (no name on mini bottle) and Sinful Colors Nail Junkie

Sinful Colors Nail Junkie is a very sheer aqua with gold, aqua, cobalt blue
 and a tiny bit of orange glitter. I LOVE IT!

Oh, how I wish my camera could capture the true essence of the glitters. Maybe I'll read that owner's manual one of these days!

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