Sunday, April 17, 2011

Two purples, one naughty, one nice.

Hi everyone! I've had a hard time giving-up my dark-side (vampies, glitters, black NP!) for Spring. It is so hard to resist throwing on a glitter top coat. They're just sitting there in there mini bottles looking coquetish. Here's something I did for Saturday night. This would be fun for going out dancing, but since I only do that about once a year, I'll just have to flaunt it at dinner.
Orly Velvet Rope, Sally Girl purple/aqua glitter top coat.

Frankly, this Orly Velvet Rope would look great by itself. It's a rich plummy purple with a little bit of silver microglitter. I love getting these mini bottles.
As usual, pic doesn't capture the sparkles completely.
You can  see the tiny line at the tips from Seche Vite shrinkage-
that kindof sucks.

And now for my nice purple. I had heard that China Glaze White Cap did amazing things when painted over a base coat of something else. I bought this a week ago and tried it out tonight. I'm in love!!!!
Zoya Caitlin, China Glaze White Cap, Seche Vite dry fast TC

Zoya Caitlin, ChG White Cap

This is the third Zoya I've tried. This brand is amazing. Opaque in two coats, phenomenal colors. This looks like a dusty-gray lavender but has a periwinkle cast to it on the nail. Love it. Then I added one coat of White Cap on top.
China Glaze White Cap.
It's going to be fun trying this over other colors. I hear it looks better over lighter colors rather than dark. It would probably look awesome over a medium pink.
Thanks for reading!

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