Monday, March 28, 2011

Learning from mistakes and pleasant surprises.

Well hello darlings! I'm up to eight followers, I feel like celebrating!!! I'm posting this today versus last night because I got caught-up in watching "The Golden Compass" on SciFy channel. BTW loved those books.

I decided to do some Konading last night and was really excited to try this swirly design. I wanted to try some different color combos for fun. Warning . . . a little sloppy.
These were mini $OPI bottles that don't have the names on them. The aqua color is from the Havana collection.
I don't care for this color - kindof pukey looking. I stamped the design with another teal $OPI mini.

This is wet n' wild Ebony hates Chris as a base coat, stamped with another $OPI mini,
from the Rocker Chic collection. Meh. Would be a nice shade by itself, though.

This is again wet n' wild Ebony hates Chris, stamped with Orly Luxe, using
Konad plate m63. Wow, those macro shots really make it look sloppy. :(

I'm loving these Orly metallics. I have another that is a rose gold, forget the name.

So, what did I learn?
1. $OPI (OPI for Sephora) doesn't work for stamping.
2. Orly metallic foils are awesome for stamping.
3. Wet n' Wild Ebony hates Chris is a great, opaque, quick-drying black that doesn't bubble at all. And I paid 99 cents for it! The brush is crappy, though.
4. My clean-up technique needs some work - more on that later!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I agree that the Orly metalics are great for stamping. I'm also a BIG fan of the Sally Hansen Quick Chrome pens for stamping, all the ones I have tried work really great!
    Congrats on the 8 followers! I have about the same amount and am equally as excited. hah

  2. Nice job! I have the Konad system but it takes me forever to get one stamp done correctly. I have a question, so if the stamp is messed up how do you remove without messing with the base color? Do you start over?

    Where can I get the Orly Metallic foils? I live in Northern California.

    Thanks and again, beautiful job!!!

  3. Suzan, I've learned to work quickly with the stamping to avoid the polish drying before you get the design on the nail, but then you have a lot of clean-up to do. I live with my "mess-ups" and people at work don't notice because they can't belive I did it myself! I have heard from another blogger to put a top coat over your base coat before you start stamping. Then you can use a tiny brush to remove the mess-ups without smudging the base coat. I haven't tried this yet but may in the future. I highly recommend the Orly metallic foils - they are awesome for stamping. I have seen them at Sally Beauty Supply and Ulta. Thanks for your comment!