Monday, May 2, 2011

Stamping practice

 Practice makes perfect, right? Maybe someday.

  Pure Ice Calypso, stamped with WnW black creme.

I tried the design in the lower left corner, but it
just wouldn't transfer. So I switched to the design in the
upper right corner.


  1. Pretty! love that combo

  2. How much time are you taking from scraping the polish to actually stamping it on your nail? I've found that if I take too long between these steps it doesn't properly transfer.

  3. Vegan Makeup Junkie: I try to work quickly. My original scraper has a slight curve in it and it doesn't "scrape" very well. I switched to a credit card - I think that works better. Often when I intially scrape, there's a thin film of polish left around the design, so I scrape again. Maybe I don't need to do this second pass because it's so thin anyway, maybe wouldn't see it? Do you clean your scraper after every nail?

  4. I've resorted to using a credit card before too! hah I find sometimes when I scrape that I sometimes have a thin film left. It depends on what color you are stamping with and on top of, and sometimes it will show. Usually it is. Also I found that often when I scrape more than once my transfer isn't that clean and tends to have "bald spots". So try only scraping once, and maybe try Sinful Colors Black on Black, that works really well for me.