Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Unexpected haulage!

Hello fellow nail polish fanatics! It's challenging to keep this nail polish addiction under control. I'd like to think I keep things within reason, but I did not hold back when I stumbled across a good portion of the Kleancolor line at a kiosk in a ho-hum type of shopping center. I wanted these chunky holos badly when everyone was going crazy for them, but I practiced some self-restraint. I also found OPI I Lilly love you which I had given up on.
Behold the pretties:
Left to right: Kleancolor Matte top coat, OPI I Lilly Love You, KC chunky holo purple, KC chunky holo poppy, KC chunky holo clover, KC chunky holo scarlet, KC chunky holo bluebell, KC chunky holo fuschia, KC firework, KC blue-eyed girl, KC holiday jingle
OPI Illy, KC chunky holo purple, poppy, clover, scarlet and bluebell

KC chunky holo bluebell, fuschia, KC firework, KC blue-eyed girl, KC holiday jingle.

I didn't find chunky holo black, but these will do!

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